Thursday, 1 December 2011

Fright Night (2011) online full movie


  Fright Night is a 1985 American horror film written and directed by Tom Holland and produced by Herb Gaffe. It stars William RagsdaleChris Saran don (who later starred in another Tom Holland hit horror film Child's Play), Roddy McDowell and Amanda Bears. The film was released on August 2, 1985 and was followed by a sequel, Fright Night Part II (1988), and a 3D remake in 2011.

  • Chris Saran don as Jerry Dander
  • William Ragsdale as Charley Brewster
  • Amanda Bearse as Amy Peterson
  • Roddy McDowell as Peter Vincent
  • Stephen Geoffreys as Edward "Evil Ed" Thompson
  • Jonathan Stark as Billy Cole
  • Dorothy Fielding as Judy Brewster
  • Art J. Evans as Detective Lennox
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