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Warrior is a 2011 American sports drama film directed by Gavin O'Connor and starring Tom HardyJoel EdgertonNick NolteJennifer Morrison, and Frank GrilloWarrior tells the story of two estranged brothers entering a mixed martial arts tournament, and deals the brothers' struggling relationship with each other and with their father. The film was released on September 9, 2011 to critical acclaim.

  • Tom Hardy as Tommy Riordan
  • Joel Edgerton as Brendan Conlon
  • Nick Nolte as Paddy Conlon
  • Jennifer Morrison as Tess Conlon
  • Frank Grillo as Frank Campana
  • Kurt Angle as Koba
  • Jake McLaughlin as Mark Bradford
  • Noah Emmerich as Dan Taylor
  • Kevin Dunn as Principal Joe Zito
  • Denzel Whitaker as Stephon

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