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Download Microsoft Office Standard 2010 64-bit (X64) For Free

Microsoft Office Standard 2010 is a worthy upgrade for businesses and individual users who need professional-level productivity apps, but it will take some time to get acclimated with the reworked interface. Users looking for bare-bones, dead-simple office software should stick with Google's and other online offerings or continue using older Office versions they have already mastered.The world has changed plenty since Microsoft introduced Office 2007. In that time, Google has become a major player, with its suite of online tools, and even Apple has made inroads with its iWork office suite, though admittedly within a smaller set of computer users.
  • Microsoft Office Excel Standard 2010 to analyze your business information, create spreadsheets, and track time, costs, resources, and people
  • Microsoft Office Word Standard 2010 to create, manage, save, and edit documents
  • Microsoft Office Publisher Standard 2010 to produce professional publications
  • Microsoft Office Outlook Standard 2010 with Business Contact Manager to manage customers, contacts, and sales
  • Microsoft Office PowerPoint Standard 2010 to create dynamic sales presentations
  • Microsoft Office Accounting Express Standard 2010 to save time, get organized, and do business online with the complete accounting solution for small businesses
  • Microsoft Access Standard 2010 to create a database and then filter, sort, graph, and visualiEdit HTMLze business information
  • InfoPath Standard 2010 to lower the cost of executing business transactions and processes with advanced electronic forms technologies
  • Communicator Standard 2010 to communicate more easily with colleagues and clients in different locations and time zones using a variety of communication techniques including Instant Messaging, voice, and video
  • Groove Standard 2010 to collaborate with others dynamically in a single workspace that puts all team members, tools, documents, and information together
  • OneNote Standard 2010 to gather and organize handwritten notes, audio and video recordings, Web research, screen clippings, drawings, pictures, and more all in a single location .
How to Activate it for free?
To Activate Microsoft Office 2010 or any other version like 2007 and 2003 you need this Mocrosoft Office Toolkite. 
Note : This is a torrent file so you need to download and install utorrent in your computer

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